Makeup Artist

I’m an avid makeover artist cum cosmetologist. Right now I am controlling bestsaloon with my best efforts. Besides that I have done my mastress in cosmetology from VLCC in Skin, Hair, Makeup.

“Innovation is the seed of creation” I believe that every client has different requirements and hence every treatment administrated meets the specific needs of the clients. It is the art of inventing,experimenting, growing, taking risks,breaking rules ,making mistakes and still having fun.

“When patterns are broken new worlds emerge” creativity is an approach towards the mundane that transform every blade of grass , into a wonder of life. I strike to provide high standard of treatments and services to improve and tailor make a fashionable look for their clients. Being trained as a cosmetologist from VLCC , I believe that each element hairstyle, make-up and skin care are synergistic to create a unique portrait of total beauty and unique style.

Ever since I was little I had a strong interest in beauty and fashion. As I grew I noticed that somewhat thirst of beauty & fashion posses in everyone’s mind. The general idea of Bestsaloon is to enlarge the world of fashion and beauty. Our motive is neither to prove ourselves nor defeat someone’s emotions our motive is just to enhance the glory of peoples thing, their style by fashion & beauty.

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