Wedding day is a special memorable day. It is full of preparations and celebrations. As a part of the preparation, the bride needs to take care of the makeup, the dress, the shoes, the hair do and the rest of it. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and she leaves no stone unturned so prepare for the same.

Often one sees that brides are worried about their makeup staying for long hours, for makeup not being too jazzy at the same time not too simple and most of the times brides worry about attaining that perfectly looking radiant skin. In case one of hiring a beautician or a professional who has done a bridal makeup course, things become somewhat easy. This is because the professional exactly knows what kind of makeup suits which type of skin. Also, a professional helps one with all the essentials that are required during the wedding day even if it is things that are required for the bridal hair makeup.

Applying bridal makeup is not quite an easy process. There are steps that need to be followed. Precision is the key to the art.

One usually starts with a moisturizer in case one of dealing with a dry skin. Make sure that the moisturizer is non-greasy.

The next step is to hide all the skin defects. One uses a concealer for the same. Concealers are usually applied under the eye to hide dark circles. After the concealer, one applies a foundation. Preferably choose a matte one especially for Indian skin. Now concentrate on the eye. Eye make up is one of the most essential components of a bridal makeup process.

Eye shadow, eye pencils, mascara, eye liners etc make eyes look absolutely mesmerizing. One can start with the eye shadow choosing the color that matches the dress that the bride is wearing. Highlighting the eyes is essential. This can be done using a thin black liner. The next step is to use a mascara to highlight eyelashes.

Now the lips : Depending on your skin tone choose a lipstick that suits you. Use a lip liner in the beginning and then apply the lip stick. You can also use a gloss over the lipstick to add that extra shine.

Use blush to accentuate the cheeks. In the end, touch up on all aspects is essential. It is better to have a helper besides incase one is not hiring a professional beautician.

This is a step by step skin care and makeup regime that brides can follow for looking their best on the D-day :

First and foremost, start to follow a specific skin care routine. Most celebrities take extremely good care of their skin. That is the reason that their skin is effervescently glowing. Before going to bed, use a cleanser to clean the skin so that all the dirt that is accumulated over the day is cleaned. Then use a toner so that there are no patches on your skin and thirdly use a moisturizer to keep the skin soft and supple.

Change your food habits: Avoid oily food especially if your skin is prone to pimples. Drink plenty of water and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is said that one should consume atleast eight to ten glasses of water daily.

After this skin care regime you will yourself feel the change in the skin.

Here are the steps that need to be followed while applying makeup : –

1. To begin makeup, your face needs to be clean and hydrated. Hence use moisturizer and the face wash before starting to apply makeup.

2. Now select the foundation depending on the skin type. Most shop or floor attendants will be able to advice you on that one. Also, while buying a foundation make sure that you buy the one that stays for long hours. Try to go for a water resistant foundation.

3. After applying the foundation, use a translucent setting powder to set the skin.

4. Use a under eye cream because most of the Indian females have dry area around the eyes. Now use an eye makeup base. After applying it evenly, use a neutral colour eye shadow over the eyelid and also to the eyelash lines.

5. Use an eye shadow that accentuates your eyes. Also use mascara and an eye liner for perfectly looking radiant eyes.

6. Use colors that match with your dress. Accentuate the cheeks by applying blush-on.

7. Moisturize the lips using a lip balm

8. Line the lips with a lip liner.

9. Use a lipstick that is water proof and stays for long hours.

10. Checking and touch-ups are required in the end.